What’s Brewing? Consensus Model Tracking and Other IR Tools

FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 2020  //  8:00AM -9:00AM PDT

What’s Brewing? Consensus Model Tracking and Other IR Tools

Join us for our monthly learn and share session. Key topic will be IR tools, with a special discussion on consensus model tracking.

This Friday morning ZOOM session will provide IR professional the opportunity to benchmark practices, share experiences and inquire about pressing topics. We’II first be covering how practitioners are gathering, automating and analyzing sell-side models. We’II discuss how companies are using the information and aligning expectation to internal outlooks. Other unique IR tools being used by IROs will also be covered. Afterwards, we’II open the session to other burning questions participants would like to address.

Guest speaker:
Chris Venti is VP of Business Development at Virtua Research, a financial services technology company focused on the intersection of fundamental financial modeling and web-enabled information delivery.

Zoom Meeting Video

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What’s Brewing? 08.28.20