What’s Brewing? ESG: Can you Simplify the Reporting Process?

FRIDAY, October 16, 2020  //  8:00AM -9:00AM PDT

What’s Brewing? ESG: Can You Simplify the Reporting Process?

For this “What’s Brewing”, we’ll explore ESG reporting, cutting through the clutter and a new tool from MZ to simplify the process, as well as any other burning IR topics.

ESG reporting can be a confusing, time consuming and costly process. Taking into account the questionnaire’s to fill out, multiple standards to navigate and rating agency scores to consider, it can become overwhelming.

Joining us from MZ North America Group are Greg Falesnik, Chief Executive Officer and Alina Plaia, Managing Director of ESG iQ, to talk about this process and why it is critically important for companies to integrate ESG reporting into their long-term sustainability strategy, which ultimately, helps mitigate risk, increase profitability and attract investors. They’ll also provide a brief overview of their new software solution, ESG iQ, which is designed specifically to simplify ESG reporting.

Join us and learn more about this innovative tool to help tackle these important processes as well as what’s new in the world of investor websites in view of our virtual reality.

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Greg Falesnik

Alina Plaia