What’s Brewing: How and When to Use IR Agencies

NIRI Orange County’s proprietary data indicates that 32% of Orange County based public companies use outside IR Agencies as their primary IR resource, with potentially even more using IR Agencies in a supplementary capacity. Many of these are small cap companies and/or recent IPOs.

When is the right time in a company’s lifecycle to use an IR Agency in whole or part? How is the slow-down in IPOs and SPAC mergers affecting the IR Agency model? Are IR Agencies better equipped to help small caps target institutional investors and gain sell-side coverage as MiFID 2 rules reach the US? When does it make sense for a company to leave an IR Agency and in-source an IRO or an IR team directly? Beyond outsourcing, when might it make sense to have an IR Agency retained for Activists, Crisis Comms, a Capital Markets Day, etc.?

Please join us to get a perspective on these topics and more from two prominent IR Agency leaders and the CFO of a $4B market cap company that has used external resources and in-house IR.